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Cultureghem ?

The most inspiring non-profit in Brussels!
(From our perpsective)

It is a public space in Kuregem for everyone in Brussels. A place where you meet up with friends and quickly get to know new people. A place where you enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. A place where you turn ideas into impressive projects.

The Challenge

How to increase the scope of their positive impact?

Cultureghem members are the best when it comes to being in the action and creating awesome opportunities, but their online communication didn't reflect all that.

At first glance, it was always difficult to understand what we were talking about in the diversity of their actions and their appearance between the networks and the website lacked common thread and their liveliness at the visual level.

The solution

Align the communication strategy with the digital media.

Creation of a social media strategy, authentic and allowing anyone to understand and be touched quickly by Cultureghem.

Total redesign of their website – Aligned with the communication strategy. More information on this redesign below.

Values to keep in mind... The values collaboratively defined during the strategy phase are: Creative, Idealistic, Family. It is essential to include them in any communication materials.

The design aspect

Use what they already had: their colours, their illustrations, their font and their beautiful photos. And, make a mix applied to all their communication media!

Adapt the tone of communication & make their actions clearer.

Coming to Cultureghem means joining a new family. A place where you feel comfortable and the barriers are lifted. No need to talk in a sustained way, you address others as a friend. This is why all the texts on the site have been rewritten.

Before (homepage of

After (homepage of

Let's make things clearer

We structured their actions into 3 groups and colour coded them.

Keep the names of their actions, but associate them with a slogan to make sure they are understood.

Navigation and web experience,

In view of the complexity of the sit (See sitemap below), we opted for a "Mega Menu" - allowing visitors to be guided step by step and have context for any information they might be looking for, without leaving the home page.

"A site architecture revisited to facilitate navigation".

Site map -

→ Copywriting and layout structures that allow users to easily find what they need by scanning a page

On Social Media

Beyond communication, the challenge also at Cultureghem was to reduce the internal workload. To do that, we have made templates to reuse on Canva, as well as guides for internal use to operate thir social media with the greatest possible impact.

The little extra that makes the difference.


virtual guide

Welcoming people to the Instagram site/page and directing them to the most useful information page for that particular audience.

To address at the same time the problem of clear navigation in the multitude of content and at the same time bring a natural approach, we have created a small virtual assistant who welcomes you on the networks or on the site!​​​​​​​

This site was a large-scale work as Cultureghem had so many things to tell.

Of course, we can't tell you about all its aspects here if we don't want you to fall asleep in front of your screen.

But go see for yourself how we have taken up the challenge of having such a complete site that remains pleasant and clear on

Thanks for checking out this second phase of our work with Cultureghem !

Contact us if you want to rework your communication strategy with us and bring it into action!

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